Sunday, April 3, 2011

SI Theme: Felt!

Welcome to Sunday Inspiration (installment #3!)
This weeks theme is Felt. Felt. Felt. Wow, I think the real question is, what can you NOT do with it?!

Need somewhere to lay your head? Felt Pillow!
 (Picture from Crate & Barrel)
Or a homemade version for FREE at Life, Crafts & Whatever!

 Next something a little more portable? Felt purse!

 (Picture from Branch Home)
There's one at Branch Home for $135!
Or a homemade version for FREE at Instructables!

Or maybe just something cute! Felted birds!

 (Picture from Rainsend [etsy])
Or a homemade version for FREE at Wandering the Oak Forest!

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  1. that is a crazy looking purse.
    at first i thought it was a shoe bag! haha.
    those birds are super cute though :)

  2. Lovely finds! Love the pillow so much!!


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