Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drop Spindle and Newspaper Yarn Tutorial! (edited!)

This week I was inspired to try my hand at newspaper yarn. The only problem was I didn't have a drop spindle. And since I don't see myself using one for another project anytime I soon I couldn't justify the price! ($95?!)
As you probably have noticed, I like to destash items. So I ransacked the house and found some items.
A dowel rod 1/8"thick, a closed picture hook and a piece of coconut. (Ahem, I have a Macaw and this may or may not have been stolen from a toy...) BE CREATIVE! There's no need to go buy fancy materials. Once you add up the cost of those, you might as well buy a Drop Spindle! As you can see the hole already drilled into the coconut was too big for the dowel. [EDITED!]
So I did the next best thing. I took two of those plastic disks inside of soda bottles. Pry the closed picture hook open. I used a couple pairs of pliers and then simply screw the hook into the end of the dowel. Here's where things started changing. I found that a chopstick fit the hole better AND the size of the hook, so I switched my dowel for a chopstick!

After you've attached the hook, take your plastic disks, and cut tiny 'X' holes in center of them. Take the first one and poke the end of the chopstick into it. Slide it up until its placed where you want the [coconut] to be. Hot glue all over the disk, and press the coconut into it. Once dry, slide the second disk up, and glue into place.
Now you're ready to begin using it! First find some newspaper. Fold it in half going the longest way, and fold it over again. (so it makes a fourth!). Cut that into strips .5"-1" thick. So you have a giant pile of strips!
Take one strip and begin twisting it, when you have enough twisted, tie the end to the spindle. Continue twisting until it's long enough to wrap around the hook. Now your ready! Simply 'spin' the spindle against your leg while holding the OTHER end of the newspaper in your hand, and 'drop' the spindle. It will twist the paper when you let go!
For an AMAZING tutorial on it check out Lark Crafts!

Total cost (for me) $0 [had everything on hand!]
Have a question? Let me know! I'd be happy to answer it!


  1. I wonder why I have never heard of this before? What a cool idea, thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi stopping by from Friday blog hop


  3. I just made one out of one of my paint brushes (the bristles were ruined anyway) 2 CDs, a hook made out of paper clips, hot glue,and a snapple cap! All I have to spin is dog hair though... *shrugs* I'll have to search for some wool or something!

  4. Oh Gawd I had to laugh.. I also have Macaws and have plenty of coconuts around..lol ( taking their toy) the guilt the guilt!! lol ( I did replace it with something else for them) they will never know ( wink wink) hehehe


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