Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Design

Away from blogland, I'm a graphic designer. But the one thing I can't do, is design for myself. Too many options, colors, shapes and ideas to settle on one design! So I need your input. I'm trying (attempting) to redesign this blog without building a template because I don't have the time to do so. 
Is it too boring? Too much? 
Leave me some comments with how YOU chose to design your blog!
Let me see your inspiration!
I'm looking for knock-off tutorials to feature on my Sunday Inspiration blogs!
Right now I'm looking for FELT and LEATHER knock offs. Have one? Email me with the link! Have another one your dying to share? Email me that one too!

You guys are going to LOVE what I have coming up this week! Well, at least I love it! ;)
Stay tuned! Tutorials coming up tomorrow AND Tuesday!

And welcome again, to new followers and all of the wonderful comments I have received! I read every single one, and check out your blog, so keep them coming! =)

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