Hey there, I'm Aria!

I'm a Photographer, Graphic Designer and crafter by second nature. They are my therapy, my career, and my loves. I'm also a college student. Full time online at University of Phoenix, studying Information Technology with a concentration in Multimedia and Visual Communication. I currently have an Associates degree in Graphic Design, and run and operate a successful Photography and Graphic Design business. You can find information on that HERE, HERE and HERE

I'm obsessed with organization, color and chalkboard. I will try any crafts that require the use of hot glue, spray paint, photo mount, polymer or acrylic paint. Seriously. Check out my master Tutorial list. Every single tutorial has one of those mediums.

But I love crafts that challenge me. Thinking outside the box [should be] my middle name. I take objects you look at everyday, and turn it into that awesome/expensive/glamorous/insert-adjective-here object that you see in your favorite catalogs. For free. Or nearly. 

Want to know what I'm going to try next? Me too. Join me, I'd appreciate the company! ;)

Questions? Email me!