Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homemade Chalkboard Paint!

I found this recipe by Martha Stewart for Homemade Chalkboard Paint.
(picture from Martha Stewart)
Which was part of my inspiration for the tutorial to be posted on Tuesday 
(aren't you excited to know what it is now?!)
 It's so simple! First I purchased a couple bottles of cheap paint 8 oz each (in Black and White). I got it at Joann's in the kids section and a 20% off coupon.
 Next I looked in my garage for Unsanded Grout
Simply mix 2 tbsp of the grout into 8oz of paint. 
Of course I made it difficult on myself, by pouring the grout directly into the bottle since there was PLENTY of room. If you go this route, pour in small amounts at a time so you can mix/shake as you go! I used a chopstick to stir as I went!
And wholah! You now have chalkboard paint! (By the way, it's not really that gross green/gray color pictured. It's definitely more of a black!!)
Better get on it so you can have it done by the time my tutorial comes up on Tuesday! ;)

Don't forget, there are additional instructions on using chalkboard paint! 
To summarize: Let paint dry COMPLETELY, then smooth over with Fine sandpaper. Wipe surface clean, rub a piece of chalk over it and clean again with a damp sponge! See Martha for full instructions!

Total cost (for me) $4.20 [Only bought the paint (Joann's) and chalk (Dollar Store)!]
Have a question? Let me know! I'd be happy to answer it!

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  1. AMAZING!!! Thanks for linking up! One day I will have to try my hand at this!!



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