Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reusable Bunting Notes Tutorial!

De-stashing. Again. [My stash isn't going to like me by the end of this year (month??)!] Reusable Bunting Notes!
So here is the inspiration. My computer. It's surrounded (engulfed!) in post-it notes. What can I say? I'm a writer/to-do-lister/noter! 
I will let you guys in on a little secret...I took down a few a lot...of the post-its before this picture. And I'm conveniently leaving out my stacks [STACKS] of various note sheets..
So I thought about it, I needed a system that would allow me to write notes and erase them. Dry erase board right? Ew. I HATE those. [Don't quote me on that, I might change my mind in 6 months...you never know!]
But I do LOVE me some chalkboard. But that's too obvious right? So I looked at my Pinterest and noticed a theme. Bunting. Cute, right? Chalkboard bunting? Even cuter. Chalkboard bunting that can be changed out for themes, colors and seasons in various sizes and shapes so I can carry them around when needed? AWESOME.
And thus it begins. Here is MY version of bunting flags. I have a list of different flag tutorials posted at the bottom!

Gather your materials. You will need:
fabric scraps
spray mount
a sewing machine (or needle and thread)
chalkboard paint
mini clothespins
Gesso canvas prime (optional)
First find a stash of cardboard boxes. [I feel like a cardboard hoarder]
Lay them out flat, and draw shapes! Be creative, use cookie cutters and stencils for fun shapes, or for simple shapes use vases and cups as templates! I kept my sizes somewhere between the itty bitty post it notes and the medium sized (2"x.5" and 3"x5"). Then cut them out. (If you have a cricut, this would be a good job for that!) I couldn't decide on one shape so I cut out 5 per shape.
Since I tend to have sooo many notes, I decided to make my flags double sided. Cut your fabric to fit over the shapes (I put different fabrics on each side). Then find a well ventilated space (outside if your Spring isn't full of snow like mine is!) and use the spray mount to attach the fabric to the cardboard.
Now the fun part. Get out your chalkboard paint, and tape off the area you don't want to get paint on. (or you can freehand it!) I suggest putting a coat of Gesso on first. It's a canvas primer and will keep the chalkboard paint from cracking. (See bottom of post).  After that's dry, follow the instructions on the can of chalkboard paint. OR if you want to be like me, make your own! Instructions for homemade chalkboard paint HERE at Craft At Home. Also posted in my blog HERE.
Let dry, and flip if you want to paint the other side as well. If not, once you have followed ALL of the instructions on the can, you're finished! (sand with fine sandpaper, wash off with a cloth, rub with chalkboard and wash again).
 At this point you may have noticed my ends are fraying. Now this is where you get creative. I liked the fray. So I decided to keep it. You could easily hem or bias it the edges though. I decided to sew the edge of the cardboard to keep the pieces from coming apart. Pin if you want it to be perfect. And sew as close to the cardboard, without going over it. After, you can trim the edges (if you'd like). I placed a piece of tape on the edges and frayed them.

I used ribbon to string up my flags upon my computer and the clothespins to pin them! Now I can change them out, edit them or bring them with me! De-stash AND eco friendly!
NOTE: I have better pictures of the end result, but I can't find them! I will update those ASAP though!

Want a more formal look to your flags? Try one of these tutorials! Just make sure you use cardboard in the center to give your flag support to write on!
Bunting Tutorials:
The Shabby Nest (mini paper version you could resize!)
Joyful Abode (easy sewn version!)
Robayre (Super easy hot glue version!)
All The Small Things (Using iron-on fusable fabric)
Girl City Gone Coastal (Laminated fabric version!)

-My first versions were done without priming. The chalkboard cracked in places. Still entirely usable (and actually really cool looking), but if you don't want it, I HIGHLY suggest you prime the fabric.
-This is not a 1 hour craft. More like 3 days. Make sure you let each step dry for a proper amount of time!
-This project can range from FREE to really expensive depending on what materials you have on hand, and your level of creativity. Keep that in mind. (Also keep in mind how much you're going to save on post-it notes!)
-I found out (the hard way) that light fabric placed on cardboard with graphics show through. Try to place graphics on dark fabric! See some of my mistakes below!
(Cracking in the chalkboard on the left, and see-thru fabric on the right)

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Total cost (for me) under $5 (for 30 2-sided flags!) [Only bought the paint (Joann's), chalk (Dollar Store), and mini clothespins (Joann's)!]
Have a question? Let me know! I'd be happy to answer it!


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